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Walk by faith not by fears

July 11, 2012

When I looked at the Weather Channel for my trip to North Carolina, there were thunderstorms each day. I went out and got a new poncho and a water proof case for my phone. When I actually saw the storm clouds coming over the mountains, I was ready to run for cover.

A “local” person said that weather forecasters don’t know what to do with mountain rains. It comes, it rains and it is still humid and life goes on as if nothing happened.

It was true for the first few days. The clouds came – and went – while we were eating lunch. The day was sunny before and after.

Then later on in the week the rains came and stayed.

Yet the rain was gentle and there were some great photo times.

There are many and terrible things that are out there in this world. We get worried and prepared for the worse and it doesn’t turn out to be half bad. We need to trust God’s presence in our lives and that the Good Shepherd will take care of us. We need to cling to God and not to fear and worry.

We walk by faith each day. Instead of thinking about terrible things that might happen, we need to think about the possibilities and hope. When we walk with God things won’t seem as bad nor as terrible as when we fear we are alone. What we all need is some “Son” in our lives. When Jesus is there the storms are calmed and the boat can be even keel. We are most afraid when we don’t ask, don’t turn over our troubles and when we don’t realize that Jesus is in the boat with us.







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