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Journey beginnings

June 19, 2012

Everyone starts on our spiritual journey at different times and in different ways.  Sometimes the journey seems easy and sometimes it is hard.  Sometimes we aren’t sure where we are going or how we will get there.  No one can see the road fully that lies ahead.  We begin by faith and take off.

Along the way we have people that share in our lives.  Some are helpful and some are not.  Our journey can be helped along when we find people that we trust that walk with us.  We find out more about ourselves and our journey and about God’s presence in our lives when we share our journey with others.

One name given to people that help others is Mentors.  Mentors help us over the rough patches and help us to interpret all of life together.  The other things is helpful is to look around and see if someone else needs help.  Even if we are just beginning on our journey, we can be a mentor to others.   There are things we learn only as we are teachers or travelers with others.

Think of the things that you know how to do.  What is it that you could help someone or walk with someone and make a difference in their life?   It could be in reading, music, sports or just understanding people and emotions.  Find a mentor you trust that will help you.  Be a mentor  that someone can trust and help them.


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